The Embarrassment

What is it that has lead to the sudden upsurge in their image? It didn’t take very long for them to evolve from a dungeon dwelling monster to the  ultimate sex symbol that they portray today.
It wasn’t long ago when a friend of mine would go, “Eww, he’s drinking blood.” and “that’s gross” while watching the old Dracula classics but now invite her to watch a twilight movie and she’ll swoon all the way to the theater thinking about the vampire hunks. And then there is my freakishly hysterical cousin who believes that she’ll someday marry a vampire(Weird? tell me about it).

Its not that I despise these unreal fantasized creatures, after all even women deserve to have a muse that they can gush about and fantasize all day. But a midst all this hysteria where does the common man lie?! Ask a woman out on a date and the…

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