Using music for inspiration – underground hip hop beats

I think I speak for most writers when I say that music can be a huge inspiration during the writing process. It can awaken the Muse, motivate you to create a certain character, and put an end to hours of toiling over a blank Word document. It’s a cure for Writer’s Block (at least for me).

I create playlists for every project, and somtimes go a step further by using one song for each chapter or sequence–however it works out. I’ve used everything from alternative rock to feature film scores and obscure piano pieces. Then I discovered underground hip hop beats.

Check out:

I have listened to and enjoyed many underground hip hop beats, but Dasonn Beats are by far the best. Not much else I can say. They’re awesome.

Fellow writers: what songs and artists inspire you during your writing process, and why?


3 responses to “Using music for inspiration – underground hip hop beats

  • Omar Pina Pena

    Funny thing is I already do this. In fact My Amber Light series Book1 Memories and soon to be released book two Brotherhood are Bat out of Hell album inspired.

  • Omar Pina Pena

    Funny I already do this. My Amber Light series is all Meatloaf Bat out of Hell album. Though I wanted a feel to it and book one Memories is more of Just wont Quit track while book 2 Brotherhood is more For crying out loud. I plan on doing the whole series with Meatloaf cause his passion is just so raw and that is the feel I want to come from my books a dark untamed raw feeling that kind of lingers.

  • Pontus

    Dansonnbeats rocks! I listen to his beats sometimes to get inspiration when I compose a track.

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