Why I love writing about werewolves – (excerpt)

The scent of blood drove him mad. He rolled off the bed, body convulsing, more froth coming from his mouth. He reached for me, his claws digging into the floor as he crawled towards me, desperate to reach the blood. I shouted for the Baron to help me, but there was no answer. Again I called for him—or the guards I’d seen outside—anyone who could help me.

And then he just stopped. He was still, curled up in the fetal position, eyes closed, hands in tight, bleeding fists. Dead still. Bleeding because his nails were cutting into his palms and he didn’t realize it, didn’t stop.

I approached him carefully and knelt down to see if by some chance he was still breathing. At first I thought he wasn’t, and I was relieved his suffering was over…but then I saw the veins in his hands and arms pulsing, twice as fast as mine, even under the circumstances. I could almost hear the blood pumping through him. It was moving too fast, too hot.

I knew what would happen next, and that I needed to escape before it did.

I rushed to the door. I yelled that I needed help. But alas, nothing. I glanced back at the boy, and his eyes snapped open. Suddenly yellow with huge black pupils, wide open, no expression. Not human. His skull changed then too: his jaw grew into a wolf’s long pointed muzzle, his eyeteeth turned to fangs. Then his limbs contorted with wet snapping sounds, stretching out in unnatural positions, bones growing and breaking and growing again as he changed from human to animal. And with these new limbs and claws he rolled on the floor in agony and tore his skin away piece by piece until it was replaced by thick gray fur. During the transformation he had grown as well, and when he stood up he was nearly my height. And all things human about him were gone.

The werewolf stood upright, licking the blood from his hands, which were now like elongated paws.  I grabbed the doorknob in hopes I could rattle the lock free—or at least get the attention of someone downstairs. But then suddenly he was on all fours, and with one powerful leap he’d crossed the room. Fangs bared, arms out in front of him, he threw me against the bedpost. As we tumbled backwards I grabbed his fur and swung him away from me. I didn’t know what else to do, but I didn’t have the power to destroy or cure him.

I had one goal, only one: to save myself. I was no longer concerned with helping him or what the outcome may be if I killed him. There is no cure for Lycanthropy, and with every transformation he would become less and less human until ultimately he would never be able to change back.

There was no way out.  I ran back to the door, but he was snarling and clawing at me as I held him back. When I took hold of the door-handle, he had nearly bitten my bleeding hand. The warmth of his breath passed over my skin. Maybe he did bite me. I didn’t know. His mouth grazed me as I threw him backwards into the candelabra. As it crashed down and the molten tallow spread across the floor, so did the fire, and within seconds the curtains and bedding erupted in flames.


5 responses to “Why I love writing about werewolves – (excerpt)

  • darkjade68

    Wow… You’ve been doing this for a while, haven’t you

    Really Impressive Jordan


  • realjordanscott

    Thank you so much! You made my night. 😀 And yes, I’ve been writing for a long time (10+) years.

    • darkjade68

      I can tell… I Wrote a bit when I was a kid, then picked it up a bit 2000-2005, but that was Screenplays… I didn’t start Writing Poetry and Novels until last August… I have a Long Way to go with Novel Writing… Grammar’s not my thing, but I’ve always done pretty good with Creative Writing… I’m very much a Visual Artist, which is probably why I pursued Film Making… I Wrote my own stuff, but didn’t realize that I was kinda a Writer too, as well as a Film Maker… Now Writing is completely what I do, since last August that is… So, I’m nowhere near your 10 Year Mark, lol

      Captivating Stuff… You must be a Visual Artist as well, I can really see your Scenes.


  • realjordanscott

    Grammar is easy to fix. If you’re creative and can visualize your characters, scenes and have a strong voice in your work, the rest comes with time. What are you working on now?
    Most of my training is in writing screenplays, but knowing the tightness and parameters necessary for successful script writing make it much easier to write compelling visual scenes in novels in very few words. I’msure this helps you as well. Novel writing is more fun for me as I have more freedom to explore the characters (and not having a page limit of 115 helps as well). You’re more than welcome to bounce ideas off of me; I’m happy to help however I can – even if it’s just a matter of helping you find your Muse. 🙂

    • darkjade68

      Yeah, I figured I wouldn’t try to Write Novels because of to be honest with you, I’m not all that much of a Reader… Even though I Write like there’s no Tomorrow… I figured I wasn’t good enough at describing the Intricate Details of a Room Etc., to ever be a Novelist… But I’ve changed my mind… There’s all kinds of Writers… And like you say, after doing Screenplays, I am like you say, able to Describe Visuals with a minimal of words.

      I’m Working on a lot right now… I’ve basically Written 4 Poetry Books in the last 7 months, Self Published one… I Wrote a Novella which I’m hoping to get Edited This Month… I’m working on a Fantasy Novel, which is Flowing Very Well… I think you read the First Chapter of it, “Chess With Agatha”… I just reread that Chapter, and I think I’ve actually improved a lot since then…

      I’m also trying to Find an Artist for one of My Blog Series called “Dark Rider”… I’ve approached both My Brother, and My Nephew as possible Artists, as they are Naturals… But They’re both very busy guys… Each of them did get me some preliminary Drawings though…

      Waiting for a Second Batch from My Nephew… Sadly I can’t draw, or I would be Writing and Drawing My Own Comic Books… C’est la vie…

      I’ll definitely keep you in mind as someone to Bounce Ideas off of, it’s a real pleasure to talk to another “Screenplay” Writer, gone Novelist… We appear to be on Similar paths to a degree…

      Thanks Jordan


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